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Arise from your graves! It’s officially October, which means it’s time to get spooky. If you’re looking to write something to get you in the Halloween spirit, we have a list of 25 writing prompts to kickstart your creativity. 


  • A chilling whisper echoed through the empty house, but no one else was home.
  • You receive a mysterious, old diary that seems to recount a series of gruesome events.
  • As the fog rolls in, you notice the silhouettes of figures lurking just beyond sight.
  • You wake up in an abandoned hospital, and strange, eerie sounds surround you.
  • The mirrors in your home start reflecting something that shouldn't be there.
  • A ghostly figure appears in family photos, always standing just behind you.
  • You stumble upon a cursed object at a garage sale, and it begins to haunt your life.
  • A sinister carnival arrives in town, and its attractions aren't what they seem.
  • Your reflection refuses to mimic your movements, taking on a life of its own.
  • You find a hidden room in your new apartment, filled with disturbing artifacts.
  • A childhood toy you thought you'd lost forever suddenly reappears, seeking revenge.
  • You receive anonymous letters predicting your imminent doom with eerie accuracy.
  • The power goes out during a storm, and you hear terrifying whispers in the darkness.
  • A sinister cult moves into your neighborhood, and they seem to be watching you.
  • Your dreams become increasingly vivid, blurring the line between reality and nightmare.
  • A cursed painting in your possession starts to change, revealing a dark secret.
  • The old tree in your backyard seems to be alive, and it hungers for something.
  • You start receiving text messages from a long-dead friend, asking for your help.
  • An antique mirror transports you to a nightmarish alternate dimension.
  • Your town is plagued by a series of gruesome murders, and you may be next.
  • You encounter a shadowy figure in the woods, and it seems to be following you.
  • Your reflection in the water begins to reach out and grab for you.
  • An eerie music box plays a haunting tune every night, and no one knows where it came from.
  • Your family moves into a haunted mansion, and you uncover its dark history.
  • You discover a cursed board game that brings your deepest fears to life.

Happy writing! 

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